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About PDO

Professional Development Options (PDO) has been providing
Continuing Education to Professional Engineers since 1995.

We offer a convenient, inexpensive option for obtaining the Professional Development Hours (PDHs) you need to maintain your license. Our videotape, DVD, audiotape and CD courses, produced by various engineering organizations, provide high quality continuing education at a fraction of the cost of attending live seminars or classes.

These organizations include:

PDO is an Approved Sponsor of continuing education activities in North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Indiana and Maryland, as designated by the State Boards in those states. We were required to submit applications to all of these states except Indiana. The Indiana Board determined that we were not required to submit an application to them because we had already been approved by other State Boards. We have submitted our application to become an approved provider in New Jersey, but we have not yet received our approval.

It is our understanding that North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Indiana, Maryland and New Jersey are the only states currently utilizing the Approved Sponsor approach. In North Carolina and Louisiana, engineers are not required to take courses from Approved Sponsors, but if they do, they are assured that the courses will be accepted by the Board. In Florida, New York, Indiana, Maryland and New Jersey, engineers are required to take courses from an approved Continuing Education Provider. Our Florida Provider Number is 0003547.

In New York, our courses are classified as "educational activities," in which a maximum of 18 PDH`s may be earned per three-year renewal cycle. But not all of our courses are acceptable as "educational activities" in New York. To be acceptable in New York, educational activities must contribute to the professional practice of professional engineers and land surveyors. The subject matter of the educational activities must be related to the professional practice, not the business aspects or profitability of a firm. For example, courses in management, accounting, finance, and marketing are not acceptable in New York. Also, educational activities that address rules, laws and regulations must relate specifically to federal or New York State rules, laws and regulations. Courses designed to prepare an engineer to take the PE exam are not acceptable in New York. In general, if you are registered in New York, choose a course that is technical in nature and relates to your professional practice. Based on the New York guidelines, the following courses that we offer are not acceptable in New York, listed alphabetically, then numerically, by course number: A201 (or CD201), A205 (or CD205), A210, A209 (or CD209), A414 (or CD414), CD415, CD416, CD417, CD418, CD419, CD420, CD421, CD504, CD505, CE1 (or DVD-CE1), CE2 (or DVD-CE2), CE3 (or DVD-CE3), CE4 (or DVD-CE4), CE5 (or DVD-CE5), CE6 (or DVD-CE6), CHE1 (or DVD-CHE1), CHE2 (or DVD-CHE2), EE1 (or DVD-EE1), EE2 (or DVD-EE2), EE3 (or DVD-EE3), ENV1 (or DVD-ENV1), ENV2 (or DVD-ENV2), ENV3 (or DVD-ENV3), ENV4 (or DVD-ENV4), EWTP (or DVD-EWTP), ME1 (or DVD-ME1), ME2 (or DVD-ME2), V101, V102 (or DVD102), V112, V120, V401 (or DVD401), V402 (or DVD402), V403 (or DVD403), V404 (or DVD404), V405 (or DVD405), V407 (or DVD407), V409 (or DVD409), V410 (or DVD410), 811, 812, 813, 815, 816, 823, 827, 828, 829, and all 711-courses except 711-AE and 711-X.

In other states which currently have mandatory Continuing Professional Competency requirements (AL, AL, AR, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, KY, ME, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, ND, OK, OH, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, WV, WY), it is generally the responsibility of the engineer to select a course that meets the state guidelines. In these states, taped courses are acceptable if the content is deemed appropriate by the engineer, if there is some mechanism for verifying that the course was completed (as our test does), and if a Certificate of Completion is provided (which we do provide). Iowa allows a maximum of 10 PDH`s per biennium in "Independent Study," and structural engineers registered in Illinois are allowed to take a maximum of 10 PDH`s in correspondence type courses. Wisconsin requires that at least 13 PDH`s per biennium be in live training.

We recommend that you review the specific requirements of the states in which you are registered.

The Florida Board requires Approved Sponsors to submit periodic reports, including the names of all registrants completing courses during that period and the PDH credits earned. We maintain records of all courses taken with us. Each engineer is also responsible for keeping records of his/her PDH activities.

How the Program Works